One to one online art crits

From April I will be offering one to one crit sessions online. Coronavirus is a factor in this but I have been entertaining this idea for some time. There will be a questionnaire to fill in for artists and then a half hour session would be £25.

It would suit anyone who is an emerging artist, professional or amateur. It can be simply a critique of specific work or a more general talk about direction, subject matter, process or gallery representation.

I graduated from Chelsea in 2011 and have practiced as a freelance artist since then in London and Cornwall. I was a full time photographer in London for 30 years before that so I have experience of fine art photography, working for publishers and to design briefs.

I don’t like to work in an hierarchical way, we are all on a circular creative path and as such we can help each other with the most surprising ideas and strategies. There are many art villages that make up the larger global art world and we all have our place within that structure.

Please ask any questions you may have as regards content, approach and cost if you are on a low income.

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